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For Libraries and Other Registrars is administered by a network of libraries and other trusted organizations that act as registrars. Each registrar manages its own community of archiving organizations, such as journals, which in turn manage their own communities of affiliated users.

Becoming a registrar

All academic and government libraries are invited to become registrars and to make Perma available to their academic and government users for free. Other organizations can also join our community of registrars via paid subscription. For more info about accounts, visit our accounts page.

Other organizations interested in becoming a Perma registrar should contact us via this inquiry form, and we will follow up to learn more about your group and what kinds of users and usage you intend to support.

Authority and responsibilities

Registrars can create new archiving organizations and affiliate users with those organizations. Typically this means acting as the hub of a network of archiving organizations (such as journals) and their users.

As a registrar, you'll help train and support users within your network and you'll be the main point of contact between your network and the Perma team. That means you are the main point of contact for questions from your Perma users regarding policies and practices. Any questions submitted via the Perma contact form will be sent to you to address (the Perma team will be cc'd on them as well, in case the question pertains to a bug or technical issue).

You'll also be responsible for ensuring that those in your network do not abuse their accounts. Every Perma Record created by anyone within your network becomes automatically associated with you, as the relevant registrar, so it's important that you exercise judgment in approving archiving organizations. If you like, you can adopt policies and best practices for usage by those in your network.

Creating new archiving orgs

Creating new archiving organizations is easy. Just select "Organizations" in the main dropdown menu. Click "add new organization," enter the name of the organization in the form and submit.

Screenshot of the Manage Organizations page. The 'add new organization' button appears to the right of the 'Organizations' heading. It causes a form to appear directly beneath the heading and button, above the other contents of the page.

Assigning users to archiving orgs

To assign a user to an archiving organization, just click the organization's name in the list of organizations within your network. Then click "add organization user," enter the user's email address and submit. If the user already has a Perma account, you'll be asked to confirm her addition to the archiving organization. If the person doesn't have a Perma account, you'll be asked to create one for her, and we'll send her a verification email so she can get up and running with Perma.

Users can be affiliated with more than one archiving org. To assign someone to another org, click on "Organization users" in the main dropdown menu," then click "add organization user," enter the user's email address and select the appropriate archiving org.

Removing users from archiving orgs

To remove a user from an archiving org, click on "Organization users" in the dropdown menu and enter the user's email address. Find the user's account, click the "remove" button, and then select the organization from which she should be removed.

Supporting your orgs and users

Each library is free to develop its own Perma policies and practices for those in its network. As a registrar, you can support as many or as few users associated with your institution as you like. To get you started, here are a few approaches you might adopt for helping journals and faculty use

For journals, many libraries set up each journal as an archiving org and then let the journal manage its own internal usage. Many libraries help journals by training new members and serving as a resource for questions about how to use

For faculty, many libraries create separate archiving orgs for each faculty member. These faculty archiving orgs can include the faculty member herself, as well as any secretaries, research assistants or interns who might be involved in creating or using Perma Links. Remember that if you combine multiple faculty members into a single archiving org, they will be able to observe - and potentially move - each other's links.

Download user resources

We've created short guides for common types of users. You're welcome to download these as PDFs and share them with your communities. If you'd like to adapt them directly, the text is also available on Google Docs, below. We welcome your comments and feedback!

For academic journals: PDF / Google Docs

For academic faculty: PDF / Google Docs

For librarian colleagues: PDF / Google Docs