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Who Needs an Account?

To preserve web pages with Perma, you need an account. To register for an individual account, please visit our signup page.

You don't need an account to view an archived page someone else made.

Usage Limits

If you are affiliated with an organization that qualifies for free, unlimited service or an organization with a paid subscription, contact that organization to acquire an unlimited account.

Individuals not affiliated with a registrar can create 10 free links as a trial run. After that, usage limits are dictated by the user's subscription tier.


Free Service for Academic Organizations

Free organizational accounts are available to students, faculty and academic journals if their academic library is a registrar. Please contact your library to find out if it is already a registrar. If not, your library can learn more and sign up for free using this page:

Free Service for Courts

Free organizational accounts also are available to state and federal courts. If you're affiliated with a court, you can use this page to learn more and contact us about signing up:

Law firms, publishers, news organizations and others may obtain organizational accounts through a paid subscription at a group rate. These accounts include unlimited service for their members, as well as collaboration tools and administrative controls. To learn more about paid subscriptions, please contact us.

Authority and Responsibilities

The members of an organization can create Perma Records on behalf of the organization. They also can affiliate other Perma users with the organization or remove users from the organization.

Typically an organization is a collection of Perma users working together on a journal, for a faculty member, for a court or for a law firm. The organization is responsible for ensuring that its users do not abuse their authority. Every link created by anyone on behalf of the organization becomes automatically associated with the entire organization, so it's important that you exercise judgment about who can be affiliated and what kinds of activities on behalf of the organization are appropriate. If you like, you can adopt policies and best practices for Perma usage by those in your organization.

Within an organization, every user has access to all of the links created on behalf of the org. This lets organization users work collaboratively and manage links across the organization.

Adding and Removing Users

Every user within an organization has the ability to add or remove users on behalf of the organization. Each organization should decide for itself, in consultation with its registrar, how it wants to manage the addition and removal of users.

To assign users to the organization, just select "Manage users" in the main dropdown menu. Then click "add organization user," enter the user's email address and submit. If the user already has a Perma account, you'll be asked to confirm her addition to your organization. If the person doesn't have a Perma account, you'll be asked to create one for her, and we'll send her a verification email so she can get up and running with Perma.

To remove a user from an organization, click on "Manage users" in the main dropdown menu and enter the user's email address. Find the user's account and click the "remove" button.